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Long Wooden Planters

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Top Quality Wooden planters are handcrafted, made in the UK and delivered fully assembled.

Style of rectangular planters will be sure to compliment the plants and flowers in your garden, adding to the natural beauty of your outdoor space and suitable for most types of plants.

The planters is constructed from dry pine timber  comes lined and  stained with the colour you choose .

If you order wooden planter not stained, we recommended stain the planter with your own treatment.

Planters have drainage gaps between baseboards, we recommended cut the liner in few places for water drains.

Also you can add the trellis and castors to the planter:

Trellis height from the top of the planter is  120cm  easy to assembled (fixing screws included )

Heavy duty castors size:  75mm

All our Garden Wooden Planters have 45mm feet’s raised from the ground.

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L120 x W30 x H30cm, L145 x W30 x H30cm, L110 x W30 x H30cm, L110 x W30 x H35cm, L110 x W30 x H40cm, L110 x W30 x H45cm, L110 x W30 x H50cm, L110 x W40 x H30cm, L110 x W40 x H35cm, L110 x W40 x H40cm, L110 x W40 x H45cm, L110 x W40 x H50cm, L120 x W30 x H35cm, L120 x W30 x H40cm, L120 x W30 x H45cm, L120 x W30 x H50cm, L120 x W40 x H30cm, L120 x W40 x H35cm, L120 x W40 x H40cm, L120 x W40 x H45cm, L120 x W40 x H50cm, L145 x W30 x H35cm, L145 x W30 x H40cm, L145 x W30 x H45cm, L145 x W30 x H50cm, L145 x W40 x H30cm, L145 x W40 x H35cm, L145 x W40 x H40cm, L145 x W40 x H45cm, L145 x W40 x H50cm, L70 x W20 x H20cm, L70 x W30 x H30cm, L70 x W30 x H35cm, L70 x W30 x H40cm, L70 x W30 x H45cm, L70 x W30 x H50cm, L70 x W40 x H30cm, L70 x W40 x H35cm, L70 x W40 x H40cm, L70 x W40 x H45cm, L70 x W40 x H50cm, L90 x W30 x H30cm, L90 x W30 x H35cm, L90 x W30 x H40cm, L90 x W30 x H45cm, L90 x W30 x H50cm, L90 x W40 x H30cm, L90 x W40 x H35cm, L90 x W40 x H40cm, L90 x W40 x H45cm, L90 x W40 x H50cm


Dark Grey, Light Grey, Natural Oak, No Colour unstaded


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