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Custom size planters

Order Bespoke Handmade Wooden Planters, Rectangle and Square Planters Online at Pretty Planters

Beautiful Handmade wooden planters built in the UK for you!

At Pretty Planters, we create handmade bespoke wooden planters made from high-quality dry wood and finished with natural oak oil, which gives our wood a long life and provides a protective barrier against water penetration.

We provide top quality handmade wooden planters in all shapes and sizes inc. Rectangle and Square Wooden Planters are perfect for creating great balconies, gardens, or adding some class to your outdoor area.

We can help utilize that outdoor space that is often wasted. Great for growing herbs and veggies, or to add some beautiful natural colour to your outdoor area. You can design your own with your choice of timber and dimensions or you can leave it up to us.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our complete online range of handmade bespoke wooden planters made in the UK and offered to you by Pretty Planters.

Handmade Wooden Planters

Need some green in your life? Our Handmade Wooden Planters are perfect for contained gardening in small spaces. Designed for the outdoors and built to last, our handmade wooden planters come in a variety of shapes inc. Star, Rectangular and Square Wooden Planters ideal for growing everything from flowers and herbs to deep-rooted fruits and vegetables.

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